So, what’s this blogging all about?

Hey everyone,

Nicky here with a Day in The Diary quickie. It’s my first try at this blogging thing, so I’ll keep it short and sweet, because I have to be on set in an hour.

I met an interesting woman today. Her name is Katie Elizabeth Fotheringham and she’s a reporter for Life And You magazine, a pretty well know lifestyle publication. You’ve probably seen its shiny cover in the superstores.

Anyway, Katie was down on set interview Brett Hunter and Davey Pike about their relationship. Anyone who knows the porn industry will know that Brett and Davey have been together as a couple for two years now. They are crazy in love (makes most of want to barf when we see them together , all lovey dovey) and yet still manage to be active in the porn industry with other guys. Katie was down here trying to find out a little bit about how they felt seeing each other fucking other guys and what it meant to their relationship.

I wasn’t present at the actual interview, but from talking to this lady while we sat around waiting for the guys to finish a scene, she’s petty clued up. She has this great accent too, all Southern (she’s from Alabama in the US) and has this head of red hair that looks like damn flames. She says she’s got the temper to match and I don’t want to test that one.

I guess she’s pretty cute for a woman *grins*. Not that I want to bang her or anything because that would be gross. Y’all know I like guys. At least I hope you do by now, or me shaking my arse in someone’s face and putting my dick places you might not usually think about could make you very uncomfortable…

Anyhoo, gotta go. Keep an eye out on Katie’s magazine and hopefully soon you’ll see the interview she did with Brett and Davey. And remember…

Get It On!
(with whoever can take it)

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