Don’t be silly, protect your willy!

Hi all.

Hope it’s hanging well and life is being good to you. I have a soapbox I jump onto whenever I get the chance.

In this industry there are two things I insist on before I perform with a guy. One is condoms; the other is checking my fellow performer’s STD test results before we put our dicks anywhere near each other, and having myself tested. I’ve seen too many porn stars come a cropper by not keeping to these rules to protect yourself and your partner.

I know condoms are a pain- having to wear one for four hours of filming to get just five minutes of footage that can be used is a downer. Your cock sometimes feels as if its lost all sensation and as if you’ll never get it up again. And I’ve seen guys literally swelling painfully after finding out they have an allergy to them; and again, not in the good way. Condoms are a necessity though. You won’t find me bare backing with anyone I’m not in a long term monogamous relationship with. And as we all know I’m a bit of a slut, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

We’re all lucky in that my film studio, Vanguard, is extremely safety conscious when it comes to their guys being safe. They make sure the rules are followed and pay whatever is needed to keep us healthy. I’ve seen some horror stories in this industry of guys being forced to perform with other guys who aren’t clean, and without condoms. That’s never going to happen here.

So my message to anyone out there is keep clean and make sure you get tested regularly. In this profession the risk of nasty things happening to you is more than the usual odds – so stick a sleeve on it. And stay safe. Sermon over. ?

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