What the actual fuck?!

This is a rant.

An honest to fuck rant about dickheads and the drug scene in this industry. I mean WTF? Just let me tell you one thing. It’s NEVER a fucking good idea to sell drugs and when you’re selling to kids, well, that’s just sick.

Recently I found out someone close to me was dealing drugs to minors. He was dealing outside the studio, and some of these kids were like, thirteen years old. Now let me tell you. As an adult, it’s your choice to take drugs. There’s no getting past that. YOU make that choice and YOU need to live with the consequences. It’s not pretty but it’s life. It happens and we have to live with choices we make.

But convincing teenagers that age to buy your shit and think it’s a good thing? You are one seriously fucked up arsehole. He knows who he is and I know this is going to come back and bite me on the arse. But it has to be said.

I need to go now because I’m so damn angry I need to chill out.

Later, guys.

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