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A while ago I saw an article by a fellow performer who wrote about why sometimes being a porn star isn’t as fun as it looks. Sure, we get to bone different guys, and have them bone us. We get to get off more times a day than your average Joe but there are times when you thing ‘Fuck, get it over already, so I can go put some cooling gel on my arse and pig out on that Big Mac I’ve thinking about for like, the last hour.’

Personally while I love my job, there are some things we adult entertainers have to put up – or not as the case may be.

Limp Dick
Yep, it happens. Sometimes you just can’t get it up on cue, or sustain that raging eight incher you had a little while ago. I know guys who use help aids to get them back on track but me – it’s natural or fucking nothing. So that can put a little bit of a spanker in the works. Yeah, I said spanker because sometimes that’s what needed to get it ready again.

Fucked by Furbys
I don’t mind fetish porn. Hell, in my early days when I first got started, I fucked guys in armour, (that took some logistics I can tell you) guys wearing nothing but hats and socks, guys tied up with their mother’s scarves and guys with bondage and leather fantasies. I even let Sinatra fuck me once – the guy had a thing for him. But I draw the line at letting furbys into my arse.
Guys wearing furry suits, dressed as chickens, fucking Gizmo or the Abominable Snowman are a no no. I think it’s even written into my contract not to allow fur near my arse. Or my dick. Oh and that includes scales. A guy dressed as Godzilla in full regalia wanted me to bend over and take it. Not happening.

Monster cocks
No, not role playing with dudes dressed up as fowls. I agree with Lance on the whole knob size thing. However much you think you can take someone, if the guy is that huge, it’s going to take a bit more prep and you’ll need to grin and bear it- and bear down. I love the feeling of dick in my arse, make no mistake. I just don’t need a fucking torpedo being shoved up there without a little TLC beforehand. Sometimes guys get a bit over enthusiastic and end up ramming it in before you’re ready. So some words of wisdom – lube, lube, stretch. And repeat.

So there you have it.

Be cool, wear a condom, and whatever you do
Get it On

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