I’m still here!

So… It’s been a looooong time since I used this old porn site. You all know my story by now, so I’m not going to rehash old news. Let’s just say I got all bent out of shape because I had a fucking arsehole of an ex who messed with my head. And I held a pity party all of my own. And then let’s say I met this sweet, funny firecracker of a guy who told me to get my head out of my arse and start living. It’s been nearly three years now that Leslie and I have been together, our anniversary is on 16th April. I have big plans for him on that day. But that’s my little secret to keep…

It’s Leslie who convinced me to sit down and write this damn blog post, and get my site revamped and working again. His one demand (he does it so well and I can’t resist him when he gets all bossy) is that no naked pics or vids of me with other guys surface on here since he’s been with me. Instead I can post pictures and vids from my fellow porn actors. *sniggers* My man is a jealous little hottie. However *winks* he’s not averse to a few hot pics or vids of us together being posted as long as they aren’t too revealing. I’ll have to see what I can do ’bout that. You all know how Leslie loves his heels and lingerie… so watch this space.

Anyway, enough about the past. I’m going to focus on the future now and enjoy having a sexy boyfriend who loves to dress up for me and fuck my brains out -ouch! (Sorry, Leslie just slapped me aside the head and told me we don’t fuck, we make love.) I’m rolling my eyes here. ‘Cause sometimes fucking is what we do, you know, when you want to just get physical, get off and blow each other’s brains out, and yeah, our dicks too.

So, when I’m not fucking my boyfriend and we’re making love, maybe, just maybe, I’ll show you a little bit. We love to film ourselves and it often gets rather raunchy, so I might need to edit some of the footage. Sorry, Leslie’s bits aren’t for anyone’s else’s eyes. I’m possessive that way too.

I guess I’m back. I hope you carry on subscribing and reading my posts, and checking out what’s on offer.

And remember to Get It On!

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