About Me

So, you want to know more about me?

Let me first tell you about my love of fashion.

I’m a bit of a slut when it comes to good suits. I currently have about eighty in my wardrobe. Yep, eighty. A lot of them are customer designed by a brilliant designer, called Laverne Debussy-Smith. Her label, ‘Debussy’ is classic, elegant, well tailored and sexy. Makes a man feel really special. I own the usual Cardin, Armani (one of my favourites too), Yves Castaldi, Raf Simons, Ted Lapidus… I’m definitely a connoisseur. So here are a few of my suits, and some I’d do almost anything to have. And there isn’t a lot I wouldn’t do, believe me…

Men In Heels  

I have a type. I think most of my fellow actors know me well enough to tell what it is.  Slim. Sexy. Tight arse. Dark hair. In touch with that feminine side. Sultry. Sassy.  Think Adam Lambert crossed with Zac Efron and you’ll get my cock upright in 0 to Hero.If my men choose to wear something sexy for me, like heels and stockings, I won’t complain. Lacy underwear? Fuck, that gets me hard in an instant. Adam Adonis is one such cock pleaser. He’s happy to get all dolled up in lace and guy liner for me and when he bends down with that delectable arse in my face… There are no words. That man is sexy as hell.

So in honour of these guys who don their heels and strut their stuff and give me enough masturbation material to get me going – this page is for you. Some of these guys are personal friends – Johnny O’ Connell, thanks for the shots, buddy. Love them, love you. You rock those heels and let me not get started on the corset picture. Creaming my shorts was the least I could do.